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We Have Seen It All

A lot has changed since we started in real estate.

The most popular movie was Return Of The Jedi.

“Every Breath You Take” by the Police was the #1 song.

And the Cutlass Supreme was the top selling car in America.

Just like everything else, Willow Glen has changed significantly since 1983.

The good news for you? We’ve seen it all happen.

We know each neighborhood’s idiosyncrasies, their perks and issues, because we have seen them develop. We have watched them change.

We can work together to find exactly what kind of home and neighborhood you are looking for. We know each street and will work diligently to fill your needs and desires.

Want something quieter? Better schools? A better resale potential? All of the above? We can show you those homes too.

We are sure you’d want to know the neighborhoods that require flood insurance, or the neighborhoods that have had the city sewer pipes replaced because they

were crumbling from age, versus the ones that haven’t been replaced yet and may cost you, the homeowner, time and trouble?

Streets with tree root issues? We know those.

The neighborhoods with a high water table or, destructive soils, so the foundations have begun to shift and crack? We have your back.

We have seen the amazing transformation of the schools in the late 90’s, the resurgence of the downtown area starting in the early 2000s, and everything in between.

The ups and downs in the housing market in the late 80s, the dot com bust in the late 90s, and the crash at end of the 2000s. We have seen housing market dips coming and going, and can help you decide what would be the best move for you and your family.

We have lived in Willow Glen for most of our adult lives, and absolutely love it here. We have raised our families here and think it is the best place to live in the South Bay.

It is more centrally located than Los Gatos, and more family friendly than Campbell. We have an incredible selection of family owned businesses and restaurants, all while maintaining that small town feel.

Whether you are buying or selling, Realty World Castlerock knows Willow Glen.

Call us or, come by our storefront office on Lincoln Ave in Downtown Willow Glen. We'd love to help you with your real estate needs.

Don Sabatini – 408.859.2932

Barbara Sauer – 408398.7069

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